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Our Company -

NEC Group was founded in 2004 as a private
freight forwarding company with three basic
operating promises:


With a large network of affiliates, we work to satisfy any needs our clients may have and
find strategic alliances to fill in any gaps.

Newtech Technology

(Newtech IT Training Center)

Newport Express Corporation

Task Technology Ltd

Newport Express Courier

Newport Holidays

NEC Group is dedicated to providing outstanding service in various industries while creating creative answers to our client's problems. Adaptability, dependability, and consistency are the cornerstones of our business philosophy and are essential to our methodology. This unwavering dedication guarantees that we not only fulfill but surpass the expectations of the people we assist, solidifying our position as a reliable and prominent organization in our sector

- We are enlisted to following International & local organizations

  1. BAFFA (Bangladesh Freight Forwarding Association)
  2. JANCO (Global Logistics Limited)
  3. IAEAB (International Air Express Association of Bangladesh)
  4. CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh)
  5. ACAAB (Air Cargo Agent Association of Bangladesh)
  6. BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity)
  7. BCA (Bangladesh Civil Association)

- We have the following licenses in our organization

  1. Freight Forwarding and Shipping by Bangladesh Government
  2. International Courier by Bangladesh Government
  3. Custom Brokerage by Bangladesh Government

- Message from our CEO

A successful businessman carefully attends to every little detail while clearly understanding the overall picture. It's essential to take creative initiatives and take every chance. We reach our full potential andguarantee client satisfaction by making endless efforts to perfect even the most minor project details.
Our approach emphasizes an ongoing emphasis on productivity and is centered on the collaborative creation of value. This strategy propels us to success and serves as an inspiration and motivator,assisting us in reaching greatness in all of our undertakings.

NEC Group

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