IT Logistics
NEC Group provides the service to the IT industry for their warranty and post warranty support Our slogan is “You Sale We Care – You make we repair”.

We believe -Warranty support is one of the most important factors for after sales service of any kind of IT Products and for this we have Developed IT Logistics and following are the services we provide.

Transportation of spare parts including Lithium Batteries from point of origin by air To Dhaka and by Sea to Chittagong Sea port. Which includes- Pick up, Custom Entries and custom Clearance and truck to our warehouse or delivery direct to Partners with most competitive rates, Our own line tracking system allows are customers to monitor the movement from the time its picked till its arrives our warehouse or delivered to customers. Our Inventory Team also research and record which parts are mostly required for the specific models, so that minimum number of those parts should be stored for immediate support to partners. When certain parts are no more required and taking up the storage space we would like to send it back to customer (Export) 

In case of Acer as discussed we need to transport parts from Banglore to Dhaka, Acer can ether give to our office in Banglore for freight or can even send to our office in Kolkata from where we can take care of the transportation, at NEC we always try to find out the best solution for transportation of parts with the best price as we know these are for support and service and these are not for sales.

Exporting of Defective spare parts back to Customer’s Destination. Which includes pick up, Packing, custom Entries and delivery to customers at point of destination, with most competitive rates. We have developed a system so that defective spares can be transported back.
Incase of Acer we will transport back to Banglore.

Warehousing we store all the buffer parts for partners requirements with Air condition rooms and humidifiers, upon request from partners and approval from customer we deliver these parts to partners on daily basis. We would surely give a space to store the Acer parts and do the distribution to partners when and where it is required.

We provide Scraping Services to our partner for the parts, which are no more required by the customers, providing with scrapping certificate, we provide safe, secure and responsible E-Waste Management Services.

We provide Proper Inspection of the products with our experience QC team to ensure that these pats or products fall under CID criteria upon checking once the goods are found ok we either send back to Destination (Export) or send for Scrapping or store in our warehouse for further instruction upon Approval new parts are allocated and delivered to customer if it does not qualify CID criteria its sent back to Partners with the Customer Constants. If the part is not available we notify of the same to customers so it is sent immediately (Import)

For Most Urgent parts we provide on board courier Services (OBC) services and ensure it is transported to our Warehouse within 24 hours. We have OBC service to Following Countries, China, Singapore and India.

We are the exclusive repair center in Bangladesh with a state of the art lab fully equipped to carry out repairs of any kind of IT Products, We carry out warranty support for clients such as HP, MSI and D Link, Our team consists of engineers who have received training in the tech capitals of the world and specialize in third Level repairing. Our lab is equipped with all kind of modern machines and Equipment to repair, Panels, Power supply, Mother boards, Router, Server, IP phones, circuit boards. Etc. we login the report into the system such as Einstein, SRLT and Dsms.

We have our own Sourcing Team In china and Singapore to support us for urgent issues of parts, and upon the request of our Customers we source these parts, quote the price and upon approval from our customers bring these parts in for repair and support.

Our Pick up team is on round 6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday from 09:00AM – 06:00AM visiting all the major IT companies, picking up the defective and delivering the new parts, we supply for free to partners so that they can pack the defective in it and return.

We have our own soft ware team engaged in detecting, loading, reloading and reprograming the software problem if there is any with the operating System.

We Maximizes equipment reuse by ensuring components are reused where possible and devices are made reliable and affordable, the reliability and affordability of devices for new owners is assured by large scale and low cost refurbishment, components of non functioning devices are used as spare parts for other devices avoiding the need of recycling, thus assisting our customer to earn revenue and avoid scraping or transportation cost